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Disc-2-Digital Comes to Australia

Disc-2-Digital Process
Sean Fang Mon, 15/09/2014 - 23:14

There's now an easy way to "convert" your disc based movie collection to digital downloads, or to the cloud, and all without having to re-purchase at full price all the movies you already own. First introduced in North America, the Disc-2-Digital service is finally available in Australia courtesy of EzyFlix.tv.

The service comes in the form of a piece of software that authenticates the ownership of your Blu-ray or DVD movie, and then offers you the chance to buy a digital copy of it via EzyFlix. The movie are stored in the cloud and ready to access via the EzyFlix website or the EzyFlix app, available on Android, iOS, Smart TVs and even the Google Chromecast device.

Users can "convert" their discs to digital from $2 (with an SD version provided for DVDs, and a HD version for Blu-rays), and can even "upgrade" their standard definition DVDs to a HD digital version for a small fee of $5. By comparison, an iTunes purchase of the same movie in HD may cost up to $25!

The CEO of Access Digital Entertainment (the company that operates EzyFlix.tv) Craig White was excited to be the first to introduce the Disc-2-Digital service in Australia, and promises more titles will be supported from the current 1,000 Blu-rays and DVDs as part of the program.

"There are currently 1000 films on DVD or Blu-ray that are eligible for Disc-2-Digital conversion. We expect this number to double in the coming months as more studios and titles come online and believe Disc-2-Digital will accelerate the adoption and growth of digital content," says White.

White says that the evolution from disc to digital isn't too different from the transition from VHS to DVD, except this time, users won't have to pay full price to re-buy their movie collections in order to enjoy the benefits of a digital and cloud based movie collection.

"With Disc-2-Digital, there is a small conversion fee but the result is endless enjoyment of your existing collection across any device, anytime, anywhere,” he said.

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