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Star Wars Comes to Digital HD

Star Wars Digital Collection Promo Graphics
Sean Fang Fri, 10/04/2015 - 11:14

Star Wars fans will have a new way to enjoy their favourite (and some of their not so favourite) Star Wars movies today, as you can now purchase all 6 movies as part of the Digital Movie Collection. This will be the first time these iconic movies will be available to purchase as a digital download, with outlets such as EzyFlix.tv, offering the movie as a 6-movie collection, or individually, starting Friday, April 10.

Fans will be able to buy the movies in the Digital HD format for $19.99 each from a variety of digital providers, including iTunes, Google Play and Australia's own EzyFlix. Unlike subscription VOD services that have been making headlines in the past few weeks, the Digital HD format allows users to download-to-own, with the ability to play movies offline, or to stream them on a variety of devices.

Craig White, the CEO of Access Digital Entertainment - the company that runs EzyFlix.tv - couldn't help but being excited as one of the official digital outlets for this iconic (re-)release, while also keen to highlight the advantages of the download-to-own model compared to the likes of Netflix, Stan and Presto.

“With EzyFlix.tv, Star Wars fans can now own and enjoy every film in the epic saga as we continue to offer the hottest and most loved movies for legal download first and with no ongoing subscription fees,” said White.

The download-to-own method also avoids temporary connection problems associated with streaming, such as the problems currently being experienced by iiNet customers, by allowing the user to download ahead of time and view the movies without the need for a persistent Internet connection (a streaming option is also available).

While subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services like Netflix have been grabbing the attention of users with its low monthly commitment costs (compared to pay TV at least), and its vast library of content, Mr White was keen to point out that electronic sell-through and transactional VOD boutiques such EzyFlix still the far superior lead when it comes to the quality and variety of content.

“The EzyFlix.tv content offering is superior to the subscription video on demand services available in Australia today, and provides flexibility beyond compare,” says White.