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EzyFlix.tv Boss Touts Advantages Over 'Complementary' Netflix

Screenshot of the EzyFlix.tv website
Sean Fang Mon, 13/04/2015 - 11:40

The arrival of Netflix, Stan and Presto is not seen as a threat to EzyFlix.tv, according to the company's boss.

Craig White, the CEO of Access Digital Entertainment - the company that runs EzyFlix.tv, spoke exclusively to Streambly on the arrival of these new subscription video-on-demand (SVOD) services into the once barren but now crowded digital video marketplace in Australia, and also revealed the company's thoughts on 4K video delivery.

Unlike Stan, Presto and its bigger American cousin Netflix, EzyFlix.tv is not a SVOD outlet, but rather, allows users to buy movies to own. Much like iTunes, but with UltraViolet supports and a stronger focus on the latest movies and TV shows, EzyFlix.tv also allows users the option to download movies (to play offline), or to stream them. And it is this versatility that White says is key to EzyFlix's attraction.

"Being device agnostic and giving consumers the option to download offline is a key advantage, and it’s what consumers want. Increasingly households are using multiple devices and operating systems and EzyFlix.tv caters to this, offering options to stream or download, use a mobile or big screen," White told Streambly.

The ability to play offline is especially attractive given the recent furore over poor Netflix streaming speeds, and the knock-on effect it has on other Internet users due to congestion. With EzyFlix and other download-to-own outlets, users can download files at their leisure and play without interruptions, even when they don't have a steady Internet connection.

It is this poor current state of Australia's broadband infrastructure that, White says, is a detriment for EzyFlix's plans to support 4K downloads.

"Although EzyFlix.tv has the ability to deliver Ultra HD 4K, Australian and New Zealand internet speeds are, for the most part, not at the point where they can offer consumers a true 4K experience. We are waiting for infrastructure to catch up before releasing a wide 4K range," explains White.

Netflix will offer Ultra HD support (only as part of the "Premium" $14.99 per month plan), but despite this and the media hype over the latest American import and its Australian competitors (Nine/Fairfax's) Stan and (Foxtel's) Presto, Craig White says he isn't worried at all about these new services, which he feels are more complementary to EzyFlix.tv, than real competitors.

"SVOD services compete against each other but are complementary to services like EzyFlix.tv. We offer the latest new release movie content on, or before, DVD. That is not available on SVOD. Thinking of the traditional video store model, EzyFlix.tv is like the new release wall. The SVOD services are similar to the weekly section," says White.