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How to watch Arrested Development (new season) for free in Australia

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Sean Fang
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How to watch Arrested Development (new season) for free in Australia

So the final countdown has ended, and season 4 of Arrested Development is now waiting to be streamed on Netflix.

You want to watch it. But you're in a country without Netflix, and you also don't want to spend any money (or to do something really naughty like going to that pirate ship website). What do you do?

Here's how you can watch Arrested Development season 4 (on your Xbox 360, PS3, iPad, iPhone, Android, or on your computer) without having to spend any money:

1. Sign up to a Netflix trial. Netflix gives you a 30 day trial, more than enough time to finish watching all the latest AD episodes. Here's a full guide on how to sign up. Make sure to cancel before the 30 days are up.

2. The guide above shows you how to get a free 7-day Unblock-Us trial, but if you need more than 7 days, you can try tunlr, which is like Unblock-Us but free (although you may have to put up with lower quality streams or connectivity issue).

3. For those who want to use a web browser to watch Netflix, and don't want to mess with DNS settings, you can use the Hola plug-in for your browser to get Netflix going.

4. For getting the Netflix app on your device:

  • For those using a Xbox 360, you'll have to create a US Xbox Live account to get the Netflix app (which should be easy enough, as long as you use a real US address to sign up, such as one for a hotel).
  • For those using a PS3, here's the guide on how to get the app
  • For those using an iPhone or iPad, you'll need to create a US iTunes account, and the instructions are here. Note that the Netflix app will still work once you log out of your US iTunes account and back into your Australian iTunes account.
  • For Android, getting the Netflix app just means locating the Netflix APK (and hoping that your Android device supports it - not all do), the latest version of which is 2.3.0. You can find some links on xda-developers (for example: here).

So that's it basically, have fun, and remember: NO TOUCHING!