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Netflix Testing Simultaneous Stream Based Pricing Model

Photo of PS3 XMB with Netflix App
Sean Fang Fri, 03/01/2014 - 20:55

A new $6.99 Netflix plan ($1 cheaper than the current standard plan) could be introduced by the streaming giant for families who only watch one Netflix stream at a time. Similarly, the company is also testing a new plan that offers 3 simultaneous streams at $9.99 per month.

The current standard plan at the industry defining price point of $7.99 permits two simultaneous streams to be watched at a time. In the middle of last year, Netflix also launched a new family plan that allows for 4 simultaneous streams, at the higher price point of $11.99.

In a move to possibly curb the phenomenon of account sharing, Netflix will hope that the new $6.99 plan will encourage budget conscious families to get their own Netflix account, instead of sharing the cost with another family. The $1 per month savings will also help families who only watch Netflix from one location. At the other end, the $9.99 three-streams plan will fit in nicely between the two currently available plans to give more choice to larger households.

A Netflix spokesperson confirmed that the test pricing will only be available to selected new subscribers, and may never be introduced to the general public.

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