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Netflix for iOS 7 adds HD and AirPlay Support

Screenshot of Netflix iOS 7 App with HD playback
Sean Fang Fri, 04/10/2013 - 21:29

Netflix has finally added HD playback supports to its iOS app, but only iOS 7 users will be able to enjoy Netflix movies and TV shows in (up to) 1080p clarity. The new version of the Netflix app, now version 5.0, also includes AirPlay support, allowing you to stream to Apple TV devices.

The Android version of the Netflix app has been able to play HD videos since June, but the iOS version has now finally caught up. Coinciding with last week's announcement by Netflix that Super HD will now be available to all users in the US, this app update will mean that owners of iPads with Retina displays (both the 3rd and the current generation of iPads) will finally be able to play back Arrested Development, House of Cards and Orange is the New Black in glorious "almost Blu-ray" Super HD 1080p.

Also new is the addition of AirPlay support, allowing iPod Touch, iPhone or iPad owners to stream content over AirPlay to their Apple TV devices, using their mobile device as the remote control.

Those that have updated to the latest version, but do not yet see HD or AirPlay support are urged to be patient, as Netflix will only finish rolling out these changes on their end by the middle of October.

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