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Top 10 Aussie Streaming Charts: Nobody Back on Top (Week Ending 24 October 2021)

Poster for Night Teeth
Sean Fang Tue, 26/10/2021 - 15:50

Welcome again to our weekly feature where we look at the most popular streaming movies and TV shows in Australia based on data collected by streaming search engine JustWatch. Data includes subscription streaming as well as transactional streaming titles. Click here to read last week's roundup.


Nobody has finished its exclusivity window and it has just arrive on Amazon Prime Video, as well as on Binge, and so it has popped up to the top of the streaming movie charts for this week. It's a great little actioner in the vein of "Taken", with a little bit more dubious morals it has to be said.

In 7th place was the next new entry into the top 10, Netflix's vampire movie Night Teeth. Immediately below it is one of my favourite sci-fi films "Interstellar" (premium VOD), so I'm not going to question why it has suddenly popped back into the top 10. And finally in 10th we have Official Secrets, which also available on Binge/Foxtel Now.

Leaving the top 10 were "Knives Out", "Hitman's Wife's Bodyguard", "Scream 4", and "Old".

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Graphics showing JustWatch: Top 10 Movies For Week Ending 24 October 2021


It was five in, five out on streaming TV this week.

Cowboy Bebop (also available on Funimation) is back in the top 10 at 4th place, very much perhaps in anticipation of the live-action series coming in November. Netflix's algorithms obviously started promoting the animated series to prepare the Australian public.

The next new title to the top 10 was "The Wire" (Binge/Foxtel Now) - again, just like "Interstellar" above, this is one of my favourite TV series of all time (the best actually, in my opinion), and so not gonna question why it's back in the top 10.

Also new was "Shetland" (Foxtel Now) in 7th, Netflix's You due to the release of the new season, and Stan's The Great in 10th, just in time for the second season debut in November.

Leaving the top 10 were "The White Lotus", "PAW Patrol", "Manhunt", "Squid Game" (I guess Netflix ran out of people who haven't watched it already in the whole of Australia), and "Alice in Borderland".

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Graphics showing JustWatch: Top 10 TV Series For Week Ending 24 October 2021

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