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Hulu Joins 4K Revolution - 4K Mode Added on PS4 Pro and Xbox One S

Hulu's 'The Path', available in 4K
Sean Fang Thu, 08/12/2016 - 15:38

Hulu has finally joined the 4K fray, and will offer selected content as Ultra HD resolution - but only if you have the right hardware!

Most of the 4K titles at launch will be Hulu Original content, such as '11.22.63', 'The Path', 'Chance', and 'Shut Eye'. MGM is also helping with Hulu's launch by making available 20 Bond movies in glorious 4K, including the recently released 'Spectre'.

But in order to watch Hulu in 4K (which might be even more difficult here in Australia - more on that later), you'll need the right hardware, and currently, only the recently launched PS4 Pro and Xbox One S game consoles are supported. These two mid-lifecycle upgrades from Sony and Microsoft were both enhanced with 4K video support, although the latter also supports playback of Ultra HD Blu-ray discs.

Bandwidth requirements for 4K streaming, according to Hulu, is set at 13 Mbps. This may present Australian Hulu users with a bit of a problem, both because of the limited average connection speeds of most households, and the fact that users will be forced to connect to a slower US server to stream the 4K content. Getting the Hulu app on your Xbox One or PS4, on the other hand, is fairly straight forward - all you need is a VPN/Smart DNS service like Unblock-Us, and then change the locale setting on your Xbox One or creating a new US PSN account on your PS4 (instructions are the same as for the PS3, which you can read here).

[via Digital Trends]

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