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Presto: What's new in October 2016

Poster for True Blood
Krystle Shrimpton Sat, 01/10/2016 - 15:09

Presto in October is like a treasure chest of assorted pleasures, with dominant themes of horror and screams as we count down to Halloween. Pull down the blinds, hold onto your best buddies and don't forget to check the locks.

Presto's ties with HBO shine through. There is also the companion episode An Audience with the Cast of Wentworth to complement the release of S4. Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words documentary sheds light on the Nixon presidency, as well as his declassified personal voice recordings on a wide range of topics both personal and pertaining to the presidency. In Herblock: The Black & The White, Herbert Block's unique voice shines through his illustrations in the Washington Post. And don't forget Hap and Leonard (trailer), a comic thriller set in Deep South, with laughs and chaos aplenty.

Based on bestselling series by Charlaine Harris, the True Blood (trailer) complete series follows telepathic waitress Sookie Stackhouse in Bon Temp as her community decides how to deal with the arrival of vampires in their sleepy town. Could vampires and humans live alongside when synthetic blood becomes available? Prepare for gore, vampire love and plenty of suspicious activity.

Hung (trailer) tells the story of Ray Drecker (Thomas Jane), a middle aged, suburban high school basketball and baseball coach who takes a new direction in life as a male escort.

Big Bang Season 8 joins Presto on October 8, and Wentworth (straight from HBO) Season 4 becomes available on October 5. The latest season of Walking Dead S6 also updates the library. Another exclusive catch is Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door – this double episode, AACTA-award winning miniseries chronicles the rollercoaster life story of Peter Allen, starring Joel Jackson.

A smattering of family offerings this month, look up The Ant Bully, or Curious George, Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave. Some child appropriate shows that fit the Halloween theme include Casper, Tim Burton's The Corpse Bride, Coraline, and Hotel Transylvania 2.

Gorge yourself on the abundance of classics and timeless horror films that have come your way. Start with the Alien movies, all four plus the AVP duo available on October 1. Dip into the past with A Nightmare on Elm Street collection, including the classic Freddy vs Jason. Sample the Saw movies (1-4), to find out who survives. Follow the assassin Bride seek her revenge on Kill Bill Vol1 & 2. Don’t forget to stop by Blade: Trinity, and Swap Thing to complete your horror experience.

In other genres, we have Carol (Cate Blanchette and Rooney Mara), who play two friends who discover a surprise connection. In Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg try to out-do each other to impress their families. In Miss You already, Jess and Milly are inseparable sisters who find out one of them will need to undergo chemo to treat cancer. Starring Drew Barrymore and Toni Colette. In Risen, Joseph Fiennes plays biblical character Clavius who is tasked with investigating the mystery of Jesus's corpse disappearance from his tomb.

See you next month, folks!

New TV streaming in October:
True Blood Season 1-7 (HBO) - 1 October
Hung Season 1-3 (HBO) - 1 October
Bessie (HBO film) - 1 October
Herblock: The Black & The White (HBO) 1 October
Nightingale (HBO) - 1 October
Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words (HBO) - 1 October
Phil Spector (HBO) - 1 October
Remembering the Artist: Robert De Niro Sr.(HBO) - 1 October
The University of Sing Sing (HBO) - 1 October
An Audience with the Cast of Wentworth - 5 October
Hap and Leonard - 10 October

New movies streaming in September:
Alien - 1 October
Aliens - 1 October
Aliens 3 - 1 October
Alien Resurrection - 1 October
Alien Vs Predator: Requiem - 1 October
America's Sweethearts - 1 October
Animal Kingdom - 1 October
AVP: Alien Vs Predator - 1 October
Bedazzled - 1 October
Blitz - 1 October
The Boy In The Striped Pyjamas - 1 October
Brazil - 1 October
Desperado - 1 October
Evolution - 1 October
Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare - 1 October
Hear No Evil - 1 October
Herblock: The Black & The White - 1 October
House At The End Of The Street - 1 October
The Howling - 1 October
The Hustler - 1 October
Jackie Brown - 1 October
Joe Somebody - 1 October
Kill Bill Vol. 1 - 1 October
Kill Bill Vol. 2 - 1 October
A Knight's Tale - 1 October
Let Me In - 1 October
Malcolm X - 1 October
The Man Who Knew Too Little - 1 October
The Manchurian Candidate - 1 October
Michael Collins - 1 October
Moonwalker - 1 October
The Negotiator - 1 October
Nightingale - 1 October
A Nightmare On Elm Street 2: Freddy's Revenge - 1 October
A Nightmare On Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors - 1 October
A Nightmare On Elm Street 4: The Dream Master - 1 October
A Nightmare On Elm Street 5: The Dream Child - 1 October
Nixon By Nixon: In His Own Words - 1 October
Nowhere To Run - 1 October
Nurse Betty - 1 October
Once - 1 October
Phil Spector - 1 October
Point Break - 1 October
Pulp Fiction - 1 October
Remembering The Artist: Robert De Niro Sr. - 1 October
The Sandlot - 1 October
Saw - 1 October
Saw 2 - 1 October
Saw 3 - 1 October
Saw: The Final Chapter - 1 October
Snakes On A Plane - 1 October
Swamp Thing - 1 October
The University of Sing Sing - 1 October
Wes Craven's New Nightmare - 1 October
Daddy's Home - 2 October
Miss You Already - 2 October
Watchmen - 2 October
My Life In Ruins - 3 October
My Sister's Keeper - 3 October
Maid In Manhattan - 6 October
All Roads Lead To Rome - 7 October
Looking For Grace - 8 October
Something Borrowed - 8 October
A Simple Wish - 9 October
Extremely Loud And Incredibly Close - 10 October
Blade: Trinity - 12 October
White Noise - 14 October
Wild At Heart - 15 October
We're The Millers - 17 October
The Ant Bully - 18 October
Carol - 18 October
Curious George - 18 October
Land Before Time XIV: Journey of the Brave - 18 October
The Mermaid - 18 October
(500) Days of Summer - 21 October
Laws Of Attraction - 22 October
Narc - 23 October
Risen - 25 October
Eagle Eye - 27 October
Freddy Vs Jason - 28 October
Youth - 28 October


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