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Netflix Geo-Dodging Block Leads to Never-Ending Game of Cat and Mouse

Photo of remote control with Netflix button (Photo Credit: televisione @ https://www.flickr.com/photos/televisione/18526855496/, CC 2.0)
Sean Fang Tue, 02/02/2016 - 14:15

We're officially a couple of weeks into Netflix's clampdown on geo-dodging (the act of accessing Netflix's much bigger overseas content libraries, usually via a VPN or smart DNS service), and the results are unclear. The major VPN and smart DNS providers appears to be having a tough time dealing with the block, new IP addresses and workaround are quickly hammered by Netflix's anti geo-dodging system, while other providers appear to be having an easier time.

There's good reasons for users to get into the world of VPNs and smart DNS solutions - Netflix's US library is estimated to be three times bigger than that of Australia's! By combining Netflix's libraries from around the world, users can access a combined number of movies that puts all other SVOD services to shame. A quick peek at uNoGS.com (the unofficial Netflix online Global Search) shows most top 100 movies (according to IMDb ratings) available, just not all in one region. This is the incentive that keeps users coming back to the slightly murky world of geo-dodging.

Geo-dodging providers such as Unblock-Us, Getflix and uFlix have all posted workarounds, some of which were loopholes that were quickly shut down by Netflix, but many users are continuing to geo-dodge with impunity. What will happen now will most likely be an extended and at times tedious game of cat and mouse between geo-dodging providers and Netflix, with the loser likely to be the side that gives up first. Either because Netflix refines their blocking to a degree that makes the business of geo-dodging unsustainable, or if Netflix loses interest in the anti-geo-dodging game after a while, after it has done enough to placate content holders.

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