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Netflix Continues to Dominate Aussie Streaming Scene

Netflix vs Presto vs Stan
Sean Fang Thu, 23/06/2016 - 17:03

The latest results from Roy Morgan Research shows that Netflix is still dominating the Aussie streaming scene, but many also subscribe to multiple streaming services.

According to Roy Morgan Research, Netflix now 1,878,000 subscribers, translating to almost 5 million viewers. This dwarfs the number of subscribers that Aussie rivals Stan and Presto currently has, with the Nine and Fairfax backed Stan having 332,000 subscribers (891,000 viewers), and the Foxtel/Seven backed Presto having 142,000 subscribers (353,000 viewers).

But more concerning for the local operators Stan and Presto are the number of paying subscribers for these services, which is even further behind the same statistic for Netflix. According to the results, 92% of Netflix's nearly 2 million subscribers are paying customers, compared to only 78% for Stan and 64% for Presto. While all three services have free trial periods, the latter two, in particular Presto, have been providing extended trial offers, some as long as 6 months, or are offered free subscription as part of their platinum Foxtel subscription.

All three services have gaps in terms of the content they can provide, and Aussies are trying to fill these gaps by subscribing to more than one SVOD service. Around 75% of Stan subscribers also subscribe to Netflix, according to Roy Morgan Research.


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