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Disney Investor Day: New Star Wars, Marvel Shows Announced - Watch Trailers Here

Star Wars: Andor
Sean Fang Sun, 13/12/2020 - 14:28

Disney will be producing 10 Star Wars and 10 Marvel shows for Disney+, the company announced at its annual Investor Day event.

The success of "The Mandalorian", and past Marvel shows (many of them originally on Netflix) has shown that there is a bright future for Star Wars and Marvel television content, and Disney has wasted no time in ramping on their television productions.

Most of the new series announced was for Star Wars, with more details being released about some of the previously announced series, such as the fact that Hayden Christensen, who played the grown-up Anakin Skywalker in the prequel trilogy, will be reprising his role as Darth Vader in the upcoming Obi-Wan miniseries also starring the prequel trilogy's Ewan McGregor. Also previously announced as "Andor", Diego Luna reprising the role of Cassian Andor from the 2016 critical hit "Rogue One: A Star Wars Story".

Newly announced series includes "Lando", to star Donald Glover as smuggler Lando Calrissian, a role he has already portrayed in the 2018 movie "Solo: A Star Wars Story".

And having recently made an appearance on "The Mandalorian", the Star Wars: Clone Wars and Rebels character Ahsoka Tano will get getting her own live-action series titled "Ahsoka" (at the moment), still starring Rosario Dawson. Another spin-off from "The Mandalorian" will be the new series "Rangers Of The New Republic", with such rangers having already shown up in episodes of "The Mandalorian".

Other new series that are still early in their production process include "The Acolyte", set in the heydays of the Jedi Order, some 200 years prior to the Skywalker saga. There is also the animated show "The Bad Batch", "A Droid Story" and the anime series "Star Wars: Visions".

The studio also announced the details of some upcoming Star Wars movies, including Star Wars: Rogue Squadron, to be directed by Wonder Woman director Patty Jenkins.

Similarly for Marvel content, there were announcements for previously announced and brand new shows. "WandaVision", "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier", "Loki" and "What If…?" (links to sizzles and trailers for these four shows available below) all had either firm or more specific release dates, while "Ms. Marvel", "Hawkeye", "She-Hulk" and "Moon Knight" were confirmed for later in 2021 and in 2022.

Four new titles were also announced, including "Secret Invasion", starring Samuel L. Jackson and Ben Mendelsohn, the "Iron Man" spin-off series "Ironheart", "Armor Wars" with Don Cheadle reprising his role as War Machine and "The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special".

Streaming is a fast-growing medium that has shown tremendous resilience during the pandemic. And with COVID-19 dramatically affecting box office receipts, investing in television content will also allow the studio to hedge against further market disruptions.

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