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Spotify Mobile Now Free, With Limits

Screenshot of Spotify for Android
Sean Fang Fri, 13/12/2013 - 00:25

The mobile version of Spotify is now available to users of free accounts, but not all features will be available. Previously, only users with Premium Spotify accounts, which costs $11.99 per month, had access to Spotify on their smartphones and tablets.

Perhaps as a response to Apple's iTunes Radio app, which is free on all iOS devices (Australian launch coming in early 2014), Spotify made the announcement that non paying users will now be able to access their songs on not just iOS phones, but also Android ones as well.

What's the catch? For those not willing to pay for their music fix, the mobile version of Spotify will only allow you to play your playlist using the shuffle function. Users can also only skip tracks 6 times every hour, ensuring that only premium users can choose to play a single song. Other features, such as offline play, high quality audio and ad-free playback remains exclusive to those with premium accounts.

Non paying tablet users of Spotify will continue to have the same feature set as users of the PC version of Spotify, and will still be able to stream any song at any time.

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