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Netflix Rolls Out 4K Test Content

Netflix on PS3
Sean Fang Sat, 09/11/2013 - 22:41

Eagle-eyed Netflix users will find that there's a new type of video content now streamable on Netflix: 4K!

Seven short clips have recently appeared on Netflix, with the description suggesting that these are indeed 4K video clips. For example, one titled El Fuente: 24 MP has the description "An example of 4K at 24 frames per second". The 8 minute clip provides Mexico related footage (El Fuente means "the source", for what it's worth).

There are also six other El Fuente clips, with sub-titles such as 5994 MP (eg. 59.94 FPS), 50 MP and 2997 MP.

Netflix's CEO only recently strongly hinted that Netflix will be providing 4K content in the future, assuming technical hurdles are handled. These test clips could be the first step in solving these technical problems, and finding the right balance between picture quality and bandwidth requirements.

Some of Netflix's original shows, such as House of Cards, have also been shot in 4K and could form the bulk of Netflix's (non testing based) 4K content when 4K does launch officially on Netflix.

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