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Stan: What's New For 14 September - 20 September 2021

Poster for Minari
Sean Fang Mon, 20/09/2021 - 14:54

From a Jim Carrey classic to an Oscar favourite, and to U.S. politics and trashy UK reality TV, this past week had it all on Stan.


Surely a reality TV show that's already in its 28th season has to be good? Erm, not sure about that, but seasons 25 to 27 of The Only Way is Essex is here on Stan, so you can judge for yourself.

There's also the 2012 British crime miniseries The Fear, starring Peter Mullan who you may know from "Westworld".

The Circus makes a mid-season return to cover the latest happenings on the U.S. political scene - it's been a long break, so lots to catch up on. They probably won't mention the nuclear submarine thing. Or will they?

And finally in TV, season 2 of Liar is here starring Joanne Froggatt from the very prescient "The Commons" (in case you were wondering where you know her from).

Movies, Documentaries:

Executively produced by Ian Thorpe, this Australian (and Stan exclusive) movie about swimming has been receiving some good reviews, especially for its young lead Levi Miller. You can watch Streamline right now on Stan.

Oscar favourite and the uplifting Minari getting added to Stan is quite a coup for the streaming platform, and subscribers are the winner with the ability to stream this high-quality movie right now.

From a while back, War Dogs, all about amateur arm dealers, was interesting when I first watched it (hopefully the Australian submarine deal is less amateurish by comparison). And from further back when Jim Carrey movies all had a catchphrase, The Mask ("S-ssss-ssss-sssss-smokin" was the catchphrase) was a really fun movie.

And finally, find out what this whole #FreeBritney thing is about in the documentary Britney Spears: Breaking Free.


For the kids, if you can convince them to watch a movie from the 1980s (the "olden days"), then The Goonies is an all-time classic that deserves to be watched by everyone at least once. And the music video, oh *that* music video, needs to be watched as well.

Release List:

You can view last week's list here.

Here's the complete list of the new additions to Stan for the week of Stan: What's New For 14 September - 20 September 2021 (Content highlighted above shown in bold below):


The Circus - Season 6, Episode 9
Chapelwaite - Season 1, Episode 6
Power Book III: Raising Kanan - Season 1, Episode 9
Heels - Season 1, Episode 6
Billions - Season 5, Episode 10
The Only Way is Essex - New Series (Season 25-27)
Drag Race Holland - Season 2, Episode 7
The L Word: Generation Q - Season 2, Episode 7
Work in Progress - Season 2, Episode 7
Wu-Tang: An American Saga - Season 2, Episode 4
The Fear - New Miniseries (Season 1)
Miracle Workers - Season 3, Episode 10
Liar - New Season (Season 2)
Head High - Season 2, Episode 6

Movies, Documentaries:

Ideal Home
14 Blades
They Call Me Dr. Miami
Britney Spears: Breaking Free
It's a Boy Girl Thing
Opal Dream
In A Savage Land
War Dogs
The Mask
Holy Motors
Ailo's Journey


The Goonies
Esme & Roy
Norman Picklestripes
Hot Wheels Battle Force 5
How To Be Indie
Scooby-Doo! and the Monster of Mexico
Green Lantern: First Flight
Green Lantern: Emerald Knights

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