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Stan: What's New For January 12 - January 18, 2021

Poster for Search Party: Season 4
Sean Fang Mon, 18/01/2021 - 17:45

We're now into the full swing of things for this January, for this new year. As such, we have quite a few new Stan additions to go through.


A couple of new shows have just landed on Stan, including Survivor's Remorse and Jamestown.

There are also new seasons of several shows, including the darkly funny Search Party, the second season RuPaul's Drag Race UK to go along with the current season 13 of the U.S. version of the show, as well as a new season of Gameface.

Movies, Documentaries:

Quite a few movies that we'll be recommending this week.

For those looking for something a bit newer, check out Trainwreck and the imaginative, but poorly received Wendy. Battleship, I guess, can also be considered somewhat new. It is considered to be somewhat crap by most people, but I like it for no other reason than the fact that I've actually been to visit the USS Missouri in Hawaii, even though the movie makes no sense.

Nick Nolte, Gene Hackman and Ed Harris all in the same film? I didn't know about Under Fire either until I saw it pop up on my Stan what's new list. But I've heard of Back To School, which is as classic a Rodney Dangerfield film as you're likely to get (and it also stars a young Robert Downey Jr.). And finishing off the '80s additions, Willem Dafoe, Edward James Olmos and Robert Loggia star in historical drama Triumph Of The Spirit.

Moving on to the '90s, we have A Home Of Our Own that stars Kathy Bates and Terminator 2's Edward Furlong.

And finally, in World Movies, check out the Ukrainian film Homeward (not to be confused with the 2020 "Onward" ripoff of the same name).

Release List:

Here's the complete list of the new additions to Stan for the week of January 12 - January 18, 2021 (Content highlighted above shown in bold below):


The Watch - Season 1, Episode 4
Your Honor - Season 1, Episode 7
RuPaul's Drag Race - Season 13, Episode 3
RuPaul's Drag Race: Untucked - Season 13, Episode 3
RuPaul's Drag Race UK - Season 2, Episode 1
Survivor's Remorse - Complete Series (Season 1-4)
Search Party - New Season (Season 4, Episodes 1-3)
Jamestown - Complete Series (Season 1-3)
Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist - Season 2, Episode 2
Gameface - New Season (Season 2)
The Circus - Season 6, Episode 2

Movies, Documentaries:

Under Fire
Johnny Be Good
The Last Prosecco
The Truth
Jinxed! (1982)
Shopping For A New Penis
The Green Ray
Red Joan
Back To School
Lazy Susan
A Home Of Our Own
Fool For Love
Triumph Of The Spirit
Far North
Once Upon A Crime…
Where Angels Fear To Tread

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