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Binge Report: 2020 Year in Review

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Sean Fang Sat, 19/12/2020 - 13:42

2020 is nearly at an end and it's time to look back and take a look at the TV Time Binge Report Top 10: 2020 in review, for the most binged shows in 2020!

TV Time calculates a binge session as when a viewer watches four or more episodes of the same show within a given day, as tracked by the TV Time (iPhone and Android) App. With most of TV Time's users being in the U.S., the binge data used in this report is therefore mainly reflective of the U.S. audience, and some shows listed are not available in Australia without the use of a suitable VPN.

Before we go through the top 10, it's worth noting that there is only a 0.64% gap between the top binged show and the 10th, meaning that there wasn't really one clear winner, but just a bunch of shows that a lot of people all binged throughout 2020 (a special year in its own right when it comes to bingeing, due to the pandemic, lockdowns and everything).

In 10th place was the perennial favourite How I Met Your Mother, with a binge share of 1.02%. Netflix's coming-of-age (emphasis on coming) teen drama Sex Education was 9th, and also on 1.02%. A surprising including in 8th is the anime series One Piece, which had a strong finish in 2020. And no 2020 top 10 could be complete without "The Office" (U.S.), especially when everybody was missing their offices for large parts of the year. Brooklyn Nine-Nine was 6th with a 1.35% binge share.

In the top 5 now, Modern Family was 5th with a binge share of 1.42%, while another Netflix Original, an international one at that, Money Heist, was 4th with 1.48%.

Grey's Anatomy of course had to be there, in 3rd also with 1.48%, while Netflix's revived Lucifer was in second place with 1.51%.

And the most binged show in 2020, and a relatively clear favourite one at that, was ... drumroll ... Friends! Coming in with a binge share of 1.66%, the show moved from Netflix to HBO Max during the year and never looked back.

So that's it for the Binge Report for 2020. Hope you have a great festive season, and see you in the new year!


You can see the full chart below (click to enlarge):

TV Time's Binge Report - 2020 Summary

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