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Netflix Dominates Worldwide Streaming Markets

Photo of PS3 XMB with Netflix App
Sean Fang Wed, 12/08/2020 - 20:51

New data from streaming search engine JustWatch has shown just how dominant Netflix is around the world, with the streaming platform being the one with the most subscribers in all but a handful of countries.

Based on data available for 66 countries, JustWatch found that Netflix has the most subscribers in 61 of them!

In Germany, it was Amazon Prime Video that was the most popular streaming platform. The same goes for Austria and India. In Turkey, local outfit BluTV was a clear choice, while in China, where Netflix is not available, local provider iQiyi was on top.

Here in Australia, where competition is one of the fiercest in the world for some strange reason, Netflix competes with Stan, Amazon Prime, Disney+, new arrival Binge and a host of other more niche streaming platforms such as reality-TV streamer hayu and sports streaming platform Kayo. These companies keep their subscription numbers a tightly held secret, so there is no way to know how ahead Netflix really here, or if it's ahead at all. Suffice to say that with Stan linking up with Hulu and bringing a lot of their exclusive content over to our shores, and with Amazon Prime investing heavily in licensing new content, content wise, it really isn't clear just who is on top.

And here's the infographic showing Netflix's dominance around the world:

A map showing a market leader for streaming platforms worldwide

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