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Binge Report: Complete Shake-up of Top 10 As New Seasons Begin (October 28 - November 3, 2019)

Poster for Atypical Season 3
Sean Fang Wed, 06/11/2019 - 17:48

As predicted last week, there were major changes in this week's TV Time Binge Report Top 10.

TV Time calculates a binge session as when a viewer watches four or more episodes of the same show within a given day, as tracked by the TV Time (iPhone and Android) App. With most of TV Time's users being in the U.S., the binge data used in this report is therefore mainly reflective of the U.S. audience, and some shows listed are not available in Australia without the use of a suitable VPN.

At the top of this week's chart was Atypical, the third season of the show having just landed. It had a strong debut (or return) to the top 10, with a 10.93% share of all binges.

You've probably seen all the ads on TV, but Amazon's Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan's return for a second season has helped it to earn a 3rd place finish with a 2.11% share of binges.

The new season of Riverdale, which is currently showing on CW and won't be on Netflix until the season finishes, has also got into the top 10, at 5th (1.50%) - no doubt people are catching up on the older seasons in preparation for the new season.

In a similar situation is ABC's How to Get Away with Murder, it's 6th season is currently on the air and Netflix will get their hands on it in the Spring of next year most likely. It finished 6th in this week's top 10, with a 1.25% share.

And after just a single week's absence, Lucifer is back, coming in at 10th.

With 5 new entrants, this meant that 5 shows had to leave the top 10. Netflix originals 'Baby', 'Insatiable', and 'Greenhouse Academy', along with 'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' and 'The Big Bang Theory' all had to leave the top 10, but probably only temporarily.


You can see the full chart below (click to enlarge):

TV Time's Binge Report - October 28 - November 3, 2019