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Stan: What's New For November 20 - 26, 2018

Poster for 12 Strong
Sean Fang Mon, 26/11/2018 - 15:30

With Thanksgiving and Black Friday being much less of a concern here than in the US, although the latter is gaining prominence in the same way Halloween is here, Stan has gone about its business of adding new content without so much as a hint or mention of these two US-centric occasions.


Which means that the three new shows/seasons added to Stan in this past week has nothing to do with Thanksgiving/Black Friday. First up are new season of the U.S. version of No Activity (complete season 2) and Scorpion (complete season 3). No Activity is a particularly good example of an Australian streaming success, with the Stan original version being good enough to warrant a U.S. remake, which is also pretty good.

Then there's Charmed, the fantasy series that was such a big hit in the 90's/00's, and you can now binge on the complete series in a very satisfying manner.

Movies, Documentaries:

Of the new movie additions (once again, we're choosing to ignore the Christmas themed movies, not because of some imaginary war against the holiday, but because it's still way too early and these movies are, to use a politically correct term, crap), 12 Strong is definitely the newest, biggest budgeted, most patriotic (the movie version of chanting USA! USA!) of all the new additions this week, even though a no good foreigner Aussie is the star of it.

Liam Neeson is back with a different set of very particular skills in A Walk Among the Tombstones - hard to believe the actor that was primarily known for starring in absorbing dramas in his stronger, healthier youth is now, at an older and more fragile age, an action star. Don't know if 'Batman Begins' is where this all began, or whether 'Taken' is the primary and most obvious culprit (I would say the latter, as even in this action film of action films, Neeson was more drama than action at the start of it - then his transformation began!)

Then there's the The Missing, which belongs to a category of film that forever sits in my watch list, never to be actually watched (these movies have an average IMDb rating of 6.5, did poorly at the box office, and the releasing studio has not really bothered to issue any re-releases on Blu-ray/4K since the original DVD/Blu-ray release - they are not quite bad enough to ignore, but not quite good enough to watch). Maybe this time though. Maybe.

Here's the complete list of the new additions to Stan for the week of November 20 - 26, 2018 (Content highlighted above shown in bold below):


Escape at Dannemora - Part 2
Charmed - Complete Series (Seasons 1 - 8)
No Activity (U.S.) - New Season (Season 2)
Scorpion - New Season (Season 3)

Movies, Documentaries:

Enemies: The President, Justice & the FBI - New Series (Season 1, Episode 2)
The Missing
12 Strong
A Walk Among the Tombstones
Saint Amour
A Christmas Hero
Two For The Money
Looks Like Christmas
A Song for Christmas

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