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Stan: What's New For October 16 - 22, 2018

Poster for Deutschland 86
Sean Fang Mon, 22/10/2018 - 16:48

Spring is happening in all its glory, but far from a spring cleaning of content over at Stan, they're adding more stuff!


Deutschland 83 (also on Stan), despite its German language, was a big hit in the English speaking world for its depiction of cold war espionage thrills. The sequel series Deutschland 86 is also now on Stan, and it's another must-watch series. New episodes are arriving weekly, every Saturday.

There is also the new BBC series thriller series Apple Tree Yard - you can stream the complete series 1 now. Note that there is a controversial scene in the first episode that some may object to - more information here.

There is also a new season of the Australian drama, The Wrong Girl.

Movies, Documentaries:

I've mentioned this movie a couple of times now, but it's worth mentioning again. Arrival is one of the best sci-fi movies produced in recent times, in my opinion, even without the obligatory plot twist.

Aussie Hollywood sensation Margot Robbie just missed out on an Oscar in I, Tonya, based on the true but almost unbelievable story of American figure skater, Tonya Harding. This movie ticks both the "new" box as well as the "excellent" box, and so is a must-watch.

There is also the post-apocalyptic sci-fi/horror flick Stake Land - it's not the best film in this genre, but given the spirit of Halloween, I thought a mention was a must.

Here's the complete list of the new additions to Stan for the week of October 16 - 22, 2018:

Kidding - Season 1, Episode 7
Deutschland 86 - New Series (Season 1, Episode 1)
Will & Grace - Season 2, Episode 3
The Wrong Girl - New Season (Season 2)
The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair - Season 1, Episode 7
All American - Season 1, Episode 2
Apple Tree Yard - New Series (Season 1)
The Last Ship - Season 5, Episode 7

Movies, Documentaries:
The Circus - Season 3, Episode 12
America To Me - Season 1, Episode 10
I, Tonya
The Paperboy
Walk with Me
Bleeding Steel
Ciao Ciao
Stake Land

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