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Netflix Introduces "Smart Download" Feature for Android

Screenshot from Netflix Smart Downloads Promo Video
Sean Fang Sat, 14/07/2018 - 16:08

Netflix has introduced a new feature that will be a godsend for those that watch on the go, but can't be fussed to manually manage their download queue.

Netflix's Cameron Johnson, Director of Product Innovation, made the announcement on the official Netflix blog of a new feature called "Smart Downloads". The new feature will automatically download the next episode when you finish watching an already downloaded episode. It will also automatic make room by deleting the watched episode.

An example of how it works is if, for example, you've downloaded the first 3 episodes of the Netflix original show 'The Crown'. When you've finished watching the first episode, Smart Download will start downloading the 4th episode and then delete the already watched one to make room. If there are no more episodes to download, the watched episodes will not be deleted.

New episodes will only automatically download via Wi-Fi. Users also have the option to turn off Smart Downloads.

Smart Downloads will only be initially available on Android phones and tablets, but will be implemented soon on the iPhone and iPad.

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