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Stan: What's New in November 2017

Poster for the No Activity (US Series)
Krystle Shrimpton Wed, 01/11/2017 - 19:51

Stan's November offering is packed with many female led roles, bringing punchy, authentic and thrilling content to keep us wanting more.

First up on Nov 1, we have homegrown show Janet King (trailer), an ABC drama with Marta Dusselldorp as Senior Crown Prosecutor Janet King, Season 2 kicks off with an investigation into the murder of Todd Wilson, suspected to be tied to illegal handguns.

Exclusive to Stan in Australia, The Girlfriend Experience (trailer) S2 from Starz in the US will release two eps every week on Mondays. From acclaimed director Stephen Soderbergh, this genre bending series follows two new escorts on parallel journeys; one in Washington during the 2018 midterm elections, and another follows a high-end escort as she enters the Witness protection program. Starring Anna Friel and Louisa Krause, and Carmen Ejogo.

SMILF (trailer) – After the teaser ep 1 released Oct 23, we have the whole new season to look forward to from Nov 13. SMILF creator, writer and director Frankie Shaw also stars in the semi-autobiographical role of Brigitte Bird, navigating life as a single mother in South Boston, with her unconventional family. Originally a short by the same name, Showtime was so impressed they commissioned a whole series. Also starring Rosie O'Donnell in recurring role (as Mum Tutu) which is a fantastic return to TV after two years away.

No Activity – Stan's very own original series which celebrates the mundane has been given a makeover for USA audiences by funnyman producer Will Ferrell, and Adam McKay. Set against the world of a major drug cartel bust, the new cast includes Will Ferrel, Amy Sedaris, JK Simmons, Jake Johnson and more. Watch this space as Streambly will keep you updated with new episodes.

Time to Binge

Veronica Mars S1-3
Kirsten Bell is a highschool student by day, kick ass private investigator of Neptune City by night. Driven to uncover the identity of her rapist and attacker, Mars works under the radar without the help of local police. From director Rob Thomas (iZombie), Veronica Mars has amassed a cult following for its whip smart writing and boasts an astonishing 97% rating on rotten tomatoes. Binge on all three seasons come Nov 17, and put on some popcorn.

We Bare Bears, Season 1: Vol 1 & 2 (trailer)
From the Cartoon network, animated series We Bare Bears S1. Siblings Grizzly, Ice Bear and Panda leave their safe cave and explore their way in a human world, the hipster San Francisco area! Commonsense media rates it suitable for children (PG) and no SLV ratings.

Movies Spotlights:

Fist Fight (2017 - trailer) - Honestly looks over the top silly, so set aside your thinking cap and just enjoy the ride. Stars Tracey Morgan, Ice Cube, Christine Hendricks and Charlie Day.

Secret in their Eyes (2015 - trailer) - The FBI discover the body of a young woman in a dumpster, and It gets personal when Los Angeles district attorney's investigator Jess Cobb (Julia Roberts) realises it's her daughter. Alongside her is FBI investigator Ray Kasten (Chiwetel Ejiofor) and new addition DA Claire Sloan (Nicole Kidman).

Continuing Series:
Monday: The Girlfriend Experience, Good Behavior, White Famous
Friday: Will and Grace
Saturday: Active Shooter: America Under Fire

Available November 1
We Bare Bears, Season 1: Vol 1 & 2
Janet King: Season 2

November 2
The Sex Life Of Plants

November 3
Will and Grace (2017): Episode 6

November 4
Active Shooter: America Under Fire: Episode 6

November 5
Patriots Day

November 6
The Girlfriend Experience: Season 2, Episode 1 & 2 - Premiere
Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 4
White Famous: Season 1, Episode 5

November 7
The 36th Chamber of Sholin

November 8
The Wasted Times
The Crow's Egg

November 9

November 10
Will and Grace (2017): Episode 7

November 11
Active Shooter: America Under Fire: Episode 7

November 12

November 13
Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 5
White Famous: Season 1, Episode 6
SMILF: Season 1, Episode 2
The Girlfriend Experience: Season 2, Episode 3 & 4

November 14
Dirty Ho

November 15

November 16
No Escape

November 17
Veronica Mars: Seasons 1-3
Will and Grace (2017): Episode 8

November 18
Active Shooter: America Under Fire: Episode 8 - Final

November 19
The Cowboys

November 20
Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 6
White Famous: Season 1, Episode 7
SMILF: Season 1, Episode 3
The Girlfriend Experience: Season 2, Episode 5 & 6

November 21
My Young Auntie
The Liability

November 22
Nobody From Nowhere

November 23
Scorpion: Season 2
Secret In Their Eyes

November 24
Will and Grace (2017): Episode 9

November 25
Four Dragons

November 26

November 27
Good Behavior: Season 2, Episode 7
White Famous: Season 1, Episode 8
SMILF: Season 1, Episode 4
The Girlfriend Experience: Season 2, Episode 7 & 8

November 28
Come Drink with Me

November 29

November 30
Fist Fight (2017)


Krystle Shrimpton (Facebook, LinkedIn) is a contributor for Streambly.

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