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Stan: What's New For July 25 - July 31, 2017

Poster for Sinister
Sean Fang Mon, 31/07/2017 - 15:07

The last week of July brings the usual mix of great TV and spellbinding movies from Stan, one of Australia's leading subscription video-on-demand platforms.

For TV, there's not much in terms of new "new" content, so those waiting patiently for weekly new episodes of Twin Peaks, Power or Younger.

As with recently, it's the movies that have provided the most interesting additions. Pre rehabilitated Mel Gibson stars in Get the Gringo, which as crime action movies go, is an pretty good one. And now that he's been rehabilitated by Hollywood, you can watch it without feeling any guilt whatsoever.

For fans of cold war spy craft, The Good Shepherd is an interesting, if not flawed, flick. With an all-star cast, you'll either love the intrigue or find it an absolute bore fest (it is a bit too long).

Comedy fans have a classic and a relatively new movie to consider. Even if baseball is not your thing, Major League is sure to give you plenty of 80's laughs. But if you want something more recent, more hunky (not that Major League isn't hunkorific in its own way), Magic Mike is great fun and a real surprise in that it's actually more drama than comedy, and really gives you an insight into the world of male stripping. It's also much, much better than the sequel.

And finally, watch Sinister if you want real creepy scares.

Here's the complete list of the new additions to Stan for the week of July 25 - July 31, 2017:

I'm Dying Up Here - New Episode
Twin Peaks - Part 12
Power - New Episode
RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars
RuPaul's Drag Race: All Stars Untucked - New Episode - New Episode
Younger - New Episode
Preacher - New Episode

Intimate Parts (Intimnye mesta)
America's Sweethearts
Major League
Magic Mike
The Last Diamond (Le dernier diamant)
The Good Shepherd
Crime and Punishment
Get the Gringo
Behind Enemy Lines
Man Of The Year
The Girlfriend Experience

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