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Stan: What's New For March 21 - 27, 2017

Poster for Bron/Broen (The Bridge)
Sean Fang Mon, 27/03/2017 - 14:42

It's another week, and another week of new additions on Stan.

For TV, you can't miss the third season of the Swedish/Danish thriller The Bridge. You also shouldn't miss Wil Anderson's comedy special Fire At Wil, produced exclusively by Stan as part of their 'One Night Stan' (geddit?) stand up series. Plus, there's the usual new episodes of hit shows like Billions and Underground.

Movie wise, you can either choose from a duo of mediocre follow-ups, or a trio of movies that are totally unrelated apart from their titles. Son Of The Mask and Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd both try to capitalise on their much more successful, and much better predecessors, without much success.

But the three movies In Bloom, Brothers and The Brothers Bloom are totally unrelated, but all highly recommended for completely different reasons. Somebody at Stan content acquisition having a bit of fun, I see.

Here's the complete list of the new additions to Stan for the week of March 21 - 27, 2017:

Wil Anderson - FIRE AT WIL
Underground - New Episode
The Bridge - New Season (3)
Imposters - New Episode
The Circus - New Episode
Billions - New Episode

In Bloom
And Soon The Darkness
The Brothers Bloom
Dumb & Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd
Son Of The Mask
December Boys

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