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Stan Introduces Offline Download Mode

Screenshot of the Stan Android app, showing the download queue
Sean Fang Fri, 24/03/2017 - 15:02

Stan has followed in the footsteps of Amazon Prime and Netflix to introduce a download mode, allowing selected programming to be downloaded for offline viewing.

Users of the Android and iOS version of the Stan app can update to the latest version (an update to the most recent version of Android and iOS may also be required) to activate this new feature, which is free for all current subscribers. When updated to the latest version of the app, users will now find a new download button that they can use to schedule downloads for offline viewing.

Not all movies and TV shows can be downloaded, and a quick search shows that TV shows, rather than movies, are more likely to include the download feature.

Many of Stan's exclusive shows do now have a download feature, including 'Billions', the new series of 'Twin Peaks' coming soon, as well as 'Breaking Bad' and 'Transparent'. Some recently added and trending movies, such as 'Trainspotting', 'John Wick' and 'Nightcrawler', also seem to spot the new download option.

Once download, users have a set number of days, usually 30, to watch the content before it expires and is automatically removed. Download sizes vary, with movies such as the 2 hour long 'Nightcrawler' coming in at just over 1GB, while the 56 minute pilot episode of 'Breaking Bad' comes in at 546MB.

And a bonus for parents, many of Stan's kids shows can also now be downloaded for viewing at locations not likely to have free Wi-Fi to leech off, including programming from Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, ABC for Kids and Roadshow.

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