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Netflix Australia: What's New in August 2016

Poster for The Little Prince
Krystle Shrimpton Fri, 29/07/2016 - 15:55

August is a quiet time for Netflix, with no new additions for original content this month. The new release list is peppered with family friendly additions, and a lot of light-hearted comedies thrown into the mix.

Scream S2 continue to have episodes released on Mondays; and another exclusive to Netflix is David Cross: Making America Great Again with stand up comedy featuring performances to audiences. For another laugh, check out 'The Art of the Deal: The Movie'. The 50 minute over the top mockumentary is loosely based on Donald Trump's book, with the title character played by Johnny Depp in prosthetic and features plenty of cameos.

Little Prince is an exclusive Netflix catch, available from August 5 in Australia and the USA. This animation looks set to become a new favourite. The trailer promises a heartwarming story of a young girl who makes an eccentric new friend and discovers spontaneity in her overly scheduled life. Featuring stop motion animation and voiced by greats such as Jeff Bridges, Marion Cotillard and Rachel McAdams, this is definitely one to look out for.

For serious viewers, you could pick a heavyweight such as Argo, (which won Best Picture in 2013), which is a fake movie story as a cover up concocted by the CIA to smuggle six people across borders by posing them as a film crew. For Helen Mirren fans, tune into The Queen to see the fictional other-side-of-the-coin story of the British Royal Family's response to the tragedy of Princess Diana's death in 1997. Playing sitting Queen Elizabeth II, this version gives insight to the way the news was handled, and the public's response to the royal family. This role won Mirren an Oscar for Best Actress

Perhaps choose Lawless which stars Shia LeBeouf, Tom Hardy as bootlegging Bondurant brothers, alongside Jessica Chastain and Gary Oldman in an adaptation of Matt Bondurant's book set in the Prohibition-era of Virginia.

In the mood for romantic comedies? There's Down with Love, featuring Ewan McGregor and Renee Zellweger as Catcher Block and Barbara Novak as an unlikely pairing set in the 1960's in an over-styled, ultra clean reality. In Hitch, Alex (Will Smith) is a practiced, professional Date Doctor who helps Albert (Kevin James) with some pointers to win the affections of Allegra (Amber Valetta).

Children's additions:
Tinkerbell and the Lost Treasure (2009) is the sequel to Disney's Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell embarks on a new adventure outside of Neverland, and makes new friends and discoveries along the way. BIllie Madison is classic Adam Sandler playing an heir who must pass his primary school grades to win his family's approval. Put Sandler in a classroom of cheeky kids, and he's obviously right at home. For the littlies, there's Ask the StoryBots: Season 1, Puffin Rock: Season 2, Glitter Force: Season 2 and more.

Krystle's Corner
Don't peek at trailers, don't read any reviews, go in blind for 'The Prestige'. Directed by Christopher Nolan who wrote and directed the Dark Knight trilogy, rival magicians played by Christian Bale and Hugh Jackman compete for the top spot, and for the women in their lives. Scarlett Johansson and Michael Caine support and also hold their own in this mesmerising tale that keeps you guessing until the end.

Check out the list of titles being added to Netflix this month below:

1 August 2016
Donald Trump’s The Art of the Deal: The Movie
Grease: Live
Just Married
More Than a Game
Scream: Season 2 (Episode)
Seeking Justice
The Killing: Season 4
The Prestige

3 August 2016
Billy Madison
Pretty Woman
The Queen

5 August 2016
David Cross: Making America Great Again
Ever After High: Epic Winter (Season 5)
The Little Prince

8 August 2016
Scream: Season 2 (Episode)

10 August 2016
Geek Charming
The Intern
Tinker Bell and the Lost Treasure

12 August 2016
Ask the StoryBots: Season 1
Project Mc2: Season 2
The Get Down: Season 1a

15 August 2016
Down with Love
Scream: Season 2 (Episode)

17 August 2016
Black Mass
Jack and Jill
Puffin Rock: Season 2
The Mask of Zorro
The Whole Ten Yards

19 August 2016
Fearless: Season 1
I’ll Sleep When I’m Dead

22 August 2016
Scream: Season 2 (Episode)

24 August 2016
Definitely, Maybe

26 August 2016
Dawn of the Croods: Season 2
Glitter Force: Season 2
Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy: We've Been Thinking...


Krystle Shrimpton (Facebook, LinkedIn) is a contributor for Streambly.

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