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Netflix Now More Popular Than Live TV in US

Photo of family watching Netflix
Sean Fang Sat, 21/05/2016 - 15:37

More people now watch Netflix than live TV in the United States, according to the results of a new survey.

In a new poll by E-Poll market research of 1,488 online respondents aged 13-54, 33% said they chose Netflix as their preferred viewing choice, compared to only 16% for live TV. And for the first time ever, Baby Boomers (respondents aged 50-54) are also choosing streaming (24%) over live TV (21%). Other sources of televisual entertainment, including recorded content (15%), Hulu and YouTube (7%), had varying degrees of popularity.

The E-Poll survey found that Netflix was most popular among young millennials (18-24) at 51%, and when asked why they chose Netflix, 69% said because there were no ads, 66% like the ability to pull up videos on demand and 58% said it was better value.

Binge-viewing was also popular among all age groups. “Binge-viewing is becoming the new norm with nearly half of “baby boomers,” Gen-Xers and the majority of millennials reporting that they binge-watch TV programming weekly,” E-Poll wrote.

The poll also looked at why people chose some of Netflix's competitors. In relation to Amazon's bundled Amazon Prime Video (as opposed to the now standalone streaming product, Amazon Video), which bundles streaming with perks for shopping at Amazon, Prime's free shipping offer was what attracted the most users (72%). For Hulu, it was the platform's on-demand content that made users (54%) choose it over Netflix

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