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Stan: What's New in April 2016

Poster for The Girlfriend Experience
Angie Maddison Tue, 05/04/2016 - 14:01

This month, the Australian streamer is set to keep your nights spent in well stocked with entertainment choice. From exclusive premieres to new series and a hearty dose of Louis Theroux, you’ll be spoiled for choice.

Let’s take a look at what’s exclusive to Stan this month. The Girlfriend Experience is the brand new TV series based on Stephen Soderbergh’s 2009 film of the same name. Soderbergh (famed director of films like Erin Brockovich and Ocean’s Eleven) executive produces on this drama which centres around the life of a New York call girl. At law school by day, Christine Reade (played by Riley Keough – aka Elvis’ granddaughter) supports herself by night providing ‘The Girlfriend Experience’ to high paying customers. Watching Christine juggle the two very different but equally intense worlds makes for compelling viewing. Tune in from April 11.

Love a drama with an epidemic at its heart? You’ll want to make a mental note to watch Containment. A deadly outbreak in Atlanta leads to the city being quarantined and those trapped within its walls must inevitably fight for survival. There are a host of mostly unrecognisable faces in leading roles (David Gyasi, Kristen Gutoskie) but fans of later seasons of The Vampire Diaries will recognise Chris Wood who played the morally bankrupt Kai. With horror overtones and a huge conspiracy at its centre, Containment is based on the Belgian TV series, Cordon.

Still in exclusive territory, Mad Dogs is the comedy/crime/drama hybrid series you’ve been waiting for. When a friend retires early, a group of 40-something friends living deeply mediocre lives head to Belize to celebrate. Unsurprisingly, wild antics ensue but what is less expected is the web of lies that are exposed in the process. Dark secrets and even murder lie just beneath the surface. Sounds like good, unclean fun! Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) and Steve Zahn (The Ridiculous 6) star.

More TV drama goodness is delivered via season returns for Masters of Sex and The Hart of Dixie. Masters of Sex Season 3 continues the story of fertility surgeon and specialist, Dr. William Howell Masters (Michael Sheen), and his research partner, Virginia Ellis Johnson (Lizzy Caplan), as they study the science surrounding human sexuality in buttoned-up 1950s America.

Hart of Dixie derives its story from the tried and true formula of the sharp-as-a-tack New Yorker being displaced in Nowheresville. In this case, its freshly graduated and utterly brilliant new doctor, Zoe Hart who, after having her carefully constructed plans collapse, takes a job in small town, Bluebell, Alabama. In Season 4, Zoe and her true love, Wade, prepare for life with a baby.

Looking for a longer viewing commitment? You’ll want to know about these movie titles joining the Stan stable. If you’ve been missing Al Pacino, find him in Danny Collins, the story of an aging rocker who redeems his life after discovering a letter John Lennon wrote him four decades earlier. Also starring Annette Bening (The Kids Are Alright) and Jennifer Garner (Dallas Buyers Club), critics heralded the genuine heart of this 2015 film.

Fighting is the story of a young counterfeiter, Shawn MacArthur, introduced to the world of underground street fighting in New York. A good-hearted young man fallen on tough times, Shawn becomes a successful fighter but begins to question the costs. If bare-knuckle brawling seems a bit bleak, remember that Channing Tatum stars and he’ll probably be shirtless.

And finally, Louis Theroux fans can gorge themselves silly with fifteen new titles including Extreme Love - Autism, Return of America’s Most Hated Family and LA Stories. For those unacquainted, Theroux is a writer and producer best known for his controversial documentaries. Dive in and see what all the fuss is about.

And if that wasn’t enough, every episode EVER of Frasier now lives on Stan for your viewing pleasure. That’s 264 episodes, if you were wondering. Enjoy!

Check out the highlights for April below:

Exclusives Premiers
Dice (every episode) - April 10
The Girlfriend Experience (every episode only on Stan) - April 11
Containment (new episodes weekly only on Stan) - April 20
Mad Dogs (every episode) - April 22

Louis Theroux
15 new titles added - April 2
Every episode ever - March 31

New TV Shows
Top Gear: Season 22 & Patagonia Special - March 30
Moone Boy: Season 2-3 - March 30
Masters of Sex: Season 3 - March 31
Almost Royal - March 31
The Musketeers: Season 1 - April 4
Hart of Dixie: Season 4 - April 6
The Wrong Mans: Season 1-2 - April 8
The Job Lot: Season 1-2 - April 8
The Game - April 13
Nighty Night: Season 1-2 - April 14

New Movies
San Andreas (SVOD exclusive) - March 31
Danny Collins (SVOD exclusive) - April 7
Fighting - April 14
Brooklyn's Finest - April 16
Life Happens - April 20
Eden (SVOD exclusive) - April 21
The Rewrite - (SVOD exclusive) - April 21
Every Secret Thing (SVOD exclusive) - April 27
Women in Gold (SVOD exclusive) - April 27
House at the End of the Street - April 28

World Movies
Frances Ha - April 1
German Angst - April 1
Goodnight Mommy - April 1
In the House - April 1
The Human Centipede 3 - April 1


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