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Netflix Speed Index: Telstra Worst ISP for Netflix Streaming

Photo of Netflix buffering playback - Photo credit: Global X (https://www.flickr.com/photos/globalx/4631323660/in/photolist-), CC 2.0
Nick Harris Thu, 14/05/2015 - 12:02

Netflix has included Australia in the index ranking connection speed. The index is updated monthly and is a ranking of average user connection speed when accessing Netflix content by internet service provider (ISP.) TPG has come out on top with an average user speed of 3.36 Megabit per second (Mbps) with Optus in second at 3.27Mbps and iiNet in third at 3.24Mbps. Telstra came in last place with 2.23Mbps. While this may implicate TPG as a superior provider, the TPG market share is only at around 11-12% whereas Telstra also holds at least 40% and significantly more so in rural areas. (Estimate as of end of 2013.)

Internet speed is a constant source of frustration for many Australians but the comparisons to other like countries shows the difference is not incredibly substantial. Canada’s top performer Bell Canada gained 3.64Mbps in April 2015, with USA’s number one Verizon achieving 3.55Mbps. For the best speed to Netflix in the period you needed a connection with Switzerland’s Improware (4.5Mbps) but if you think your service is bad, spare a thought for Olo users in Peru, who averaged a measly 0.78Mbps.

The average for users across all providers in Australia is 2.82Mbps. For comparison, this is behind the USA and Canada (3.12 and 3.16Mbps respectively) but those two countries are the highest in the Americas. The best region for a speedy connection appears to be Europe where no nation has an average below 3Mbps and several national averages are approaching or above 4Mbps. The list is severely incomplete for a truly international comparison however with Australia and New Zealand the only two nations listed for the Asia-Pacific region. For the record the Trans-Tasman rivalry is alive and well with Kiwis averaging more for their top performer (Snap at 3.77Mbs), their worst performer (Spark at 2.39Mbps) and national average (3.17Mbps.)


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