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Netflix 'Post-Play' Comes to Android

Screenshot showing Netflix's "Post-Play" feature
Sean Fang Fri, 13/06/2014 - 21:30

Binge watchers rejoice! You can now spend an unhealthy amount of time watching Netflix with even less physical activity thanks to the “Post-Play” feature, which is now available on Android version of the Netflix app.

PS3 Netflix watchers will already be familiar with the “Post-Play” feature, which automatically queues up more content to play automatically at the end of the current item. This could be the next episode in a TV series, or for movies, one of three other movies that Netflix recommends based on your recently completed title.

And according to a blog post on the official Netflix blog, "Post-Play" will be coming to Chromecast soon.

“Post-Play” is now available to all Android phones, tablets and the Amazon Kindle Fire running Android 4.0 and greater. You can download the update from the Google Play store.

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