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Binge Watching Netflix More Common Than You Think

Photo of family watching Netflix
Sean Fang Wed, 18/12/2013 - 19:08

If you've binge watched a show on Netflix, then you're in the majority, and you probably don't feel guilty about it at all. This is all according to the results of a Netflix commissioned study by Harris Interactive which found that 61% of Netflix users have regularly binge-watch shows.

The survey defines "regular" as binge-watching at least once every few weeks, and the survey asked streamers just how they define "binge", and most (73%) say it means watching 2-6 episodes of a TV show in one sitting.

And while the term "binge" may yield negative connotations, especially when used in another context like "drinking" or "eating", the same does not seem to apply to streaming. 73% of those surveyed declared a positive feeling toward binge-watching.

As to why people enjoy binge-watching, 76% say it is a welcomed refuge from their busy lives, and 80% said they would rather stream a good TV show than to check up on their friends on social media. This last fact may indicate binge-watchers lead a life of solitude, but 51% also say they prefer to binge-watch with at least another person.

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