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Netflix Offers Cure For Viewing Indecisiveness with Netflix Max for PS3

A screenshot of Netflix Max
Sean Fang Mon, 01/07/2013 - 18:45

Hands up all of those who have clicked through the endless Netflix viewing options for what seems like endless minutes, not knowing what to watch. Not being able to decide what to watch on Netflix is decidedly a "first-world problem", but for those using their PS3s to stream Netflix, a solution has arrived.

Recognising the problem plaguing many Netflix users, Netflix this week started rolling out "Max", Netflix's answer to Siri. Netflix's new personal assistant will ask you a series of, sometimes nonsensical, questions and within 120 seconds, it promises to find something you'll love. Max will try and determine your mood, and from that, the genre that suits you best (right now), and a few more questions later, pick something that it thinks is just right for you.

Max is also designed to learn from your past viewing habits and picks, and if it knows enough, it will narrow down your choices straight away with just a single quirky question: monkeys or UFOs; bosses or trucks; science or religion.

And there's even a mystery pick that you'll have to press play to uncover the title.

You can read more about Max on the official Netflix blog.

Max is currently available on the PS3 Netflix app to subscribers of the U.S. version of Netflix.

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