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Microsoft's New Game Console Xbox One, Cloud Gaming Potential?

Photo of Microsoft's Xbox One game console with Kinect camera and new controller
Sean Fang Wed, 22/05/2013 - 16:04

Microsoft has just unveiled its new Xbox One console, and has emphasized the console's "all-in-one" status by improving its media credentials, as well as integrating the cloud and streaming into the design.

The powerful new console, powered by an 8-core processor and 8GB of RAM and featuring an all new extra accurate Kinect, looks set to satisfy gamers eager for new gaming experiences. But Microsoft is also marketing the console to be at the hub of your home entertainment needs, as the console aims to compete with the likes of Telstra's T-Box and Fetch TV.

One of the Xbox One's new features is the support for Live TV (a separate device may be required), with a rich built-in program guide that also integrates with Kinect gesture and voice commands. Details about Live TV in Australia support is sketchy at the moment, with the feature not expected to be available at the Australian launch, although Microsoft have made it clear that Live TV will be launching in territories outside of the US. Details about support for Australian based IPTV and streaming services are also unavailable at the moment, although it is expected that current Xbox 360 apps, such as SBS On Demand, Ninemsn Video, Quickflix and Foxtel, will be made available on the Xbox One eventually, if not at launch.

Also of interest is the Xbox One's integration with Microsoft's Azure cloud platform. Again, details are light at the moment, but the integration is expected to offer features such as cloud storage, DVR/video sharing, and even cloud gaming. Developers will be able to use Azure to offload complex game processing to the cloud, while retaining latency sensitive code to be run on the console itself, allowing games on the console to grow beyond the capabilities of the console itself.

The Xbox One will also support Blu-ray movie playback, a first for Microsoft's consoles.

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