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Our Contributors

At Streambly, we have many contributors that help us write the content you enjoy here on the site. Here are some basic details about our team of talented contributors.

Sean Fang


Sean is the founder and owner of Streambly, as well as the site's main editor. He enjoys binge watching, having Star Trek on in the background while working, and loves all post-apocalyptic movies.
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Nick Harris


Nick holds keen interests in politics, media, technology and law, and currently performs as an amateur stand-up comedian in Adelaide.
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Angie Maddison


Angie Maddison is a Melbourne freelance writer contemplating the merits of binge-watching the entire Gilmore Girls series and trying to convince her husband to join her. Of course she doesn't love Netflix more than her three gorgeous children! Why? What have you heard?
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Krystle Shrimpton


Krystle loves scifi, some drama, food related documentaries and current news, is currently following Masters of Sex and House Husbands on Stan, a House MD and Weeds on Netflix, and Adam Liaw's Destination Flavour on SBS
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Interested in becoming a contributor for Streambly? streambly.com.au is looking streaming enthusiasts interested in writing some articles for us on a regular basis. Get paid and get free access to Stan, Presto or Netflix on us, to write about what you love. No experience necessary. If you're interested, please contact us at editor @ streambly.com.au (remove spaces from email address).